company car in action
12 - 13 June 2019
Millbrook Proving Ground

2018 Great Debates


Starting at 10:30 each day at CCIA, and held in the exhibition hall, these open forum debates encouraged interaction with fleet operators and helped to inform and educate on two of the hot topics facing fleet managers in their roles.


2019 debate topics will be announced shortly, read on to see what was discussed last year.


Running a low emission fleet - the options

Day 1 - 10:30 - 12:00  Tuesday 12th June 2018

This session will look at how fleets can adopt electric vehicles; what factors they need to consider; which fuels are right for which type of journey; and the practical experiences from fleets that have made the investment. It will also look at the range of vehicles on the market, from hybrid to plug-in hybrid to full electric to hydrogen fuel cell, and provide the link between theory and practice by highlighting the vehicles available to drive on the steering pad.

Running a low emissions fleet


EV investment - help is at hand

Day 2 - 10:30 - 12:00  Wednesday 13th June 2018

What grants are available to fleets looking to invest in electric vehicles? This session will cover all the financial support offered to fleets looking to add EVs to their operations, from plug-in grants to charge points, and will also cover the benefits in BIK to drivers and NIC to fleets, plus the wholelife cost argument to give the full financial picture.

how to invest in ev