company car in action
12 - 13 June 2018
Millbrook Proving Ground

New Features for 2018

Company Car in Action 2018 back for its 28th anniversary, and every year we aim to expand and improve the content available to fleet decision makers and influencers to allow them to make the best possible decisions for their fleet.


Now over 300 models available to drive


CCIA18 featured more fleet models than ever for you to evaluate and test drive on the 4 unique circuits. More than 300 models from over 25 leading manufacturer brands featured, including the latest electric, hybrid and other low-emission vehicles. Click here to view the list of models for 2018:





More fleet experts on hand


At CCIA18 there were more experts on manufacturer stands ready to answer your questions and help assess your future requirements. Engage in higher value and more insightful discussions about your queries so that you can make better, more informed business decisions. See the latest list of 2018 manufacturers here:





New City Course features


CCIA 2018 featured improved courses for you to test drive the latest models. The City Course had been expanded and now includes new features such as low speed collision mitigation software and automated driving assist testing areas. On the High Speed Bowl, built for realistic motorway driving, you were able to test lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control features.



More compelling debates


This year's debates were shorter, snappier and addressed the key industry issues facing those involved in fleet management. They encouraged interaction with fleet operators and help to inform and educate on two of the hot topics facing fleet managers in their roles. This year's topics focused on electric and low-emisison vehicle options available, click the button below to learn more.



Expanded EV/Hybrid Review Zone


The expanded EV/Hybrid Review Zone showcased even more of the markets ultra-low emission cars and plug in technology. In addition to the clean energy models, there were a number of industry experts available to discuss the vehicles, the technology behind them and the benefits they can bring to fleets.