company car in action
12 - 13 June 2018
Millbrook Proving Ground

Why Attend?

As the UK's largest fleet test drive event, Company Car in Action 2018 was your chance to:

CCIA circuitThe latest company car models were put through their paces on specifically designed
test circuits that are normally closed to the public.

Fitting weeks of testing into two days, CCIA at Millbrook offered fleet decision makers the chance to put more than 300 electric, hybrid and petrol/diesel vehicles through their paces in a real world environment.

CCIA panel discussionThese open forum debates encouraged interaction with fleet operators and helped to inform and educate on various issues and topics facing fleet managers in their roles. 

CCIA meet manufacturer representativesAt CCIA 2018 you could compare a wide range of vehices and discuss and your views with experts from major fleet brands. 

learn more about low emissions and hybrid vehicles

Some of the cleanest cars on the market were on show at the EV/Hybrid Review Zone where the focus was on plug-in cars that can slash emissions and running costs for fleet managers.In addition to the latest ultra-low emission cars, there was a number of industry experts available to discuss the vehicles, the technology behind them and the benefits they could bring to fleets.

Executives in the following positions would particularly benefit: 

  • Fleet management
  • Transport management
  • Purchasing
  • Fleet administration
  • Senior management
  • Finance director/manager
  • HR director/manager
  • Chairman
  • Director
  • Company secretary


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