company car in action
Wednesday 10 - Thursday 11 June 2020
Millbrook Proving Ground

The Circuits

The City Course

Alfa Romeo Giulia on The City Course


 A purpose-built facility designed to simulate stop-start urban driving.

The City Course gave drivers the opportunity to test fleet models in a simulated urban environment. You could evaluate vehicle handling and automated driving aids in a series of realistic scenarios, including bus stops, junctions, speed humps and varying speed limits.


On the City Course, you could test:


+ The capabilities of different models in stop-start urban driving

+ Handling and visibility at complex junctions, parking bays and parallel parking scenarios

+ Vehicle comfort and noise at varying speeds

+ The latest driving aids, such as advanced parking assistance and low-speed collision mitigation software



Manufacturer representative and driver talking in Nissan van
Lexus RC 300h and Volvo XC90 driving


Abarth lined up alongside other FCA vehicles
Range Rover, Toyota and van driving


The Alpine Route

Renault Megane driving on gradient on Alpine Route


Over 4 miles of challenging rural driving.

The Alpine Route at Millbrook is designed to put vehicles through tough, realistic rural driving on a winding 4 mile route of tight turns and varying gradients. The course covers every possible scenario in UK rural driving, ensuring thorough evaluation of the latest fleet vehicles on offer. 


On the Alpine Route, you could test:


+ Vehicle braking, handling and drivability on realistic country roads

+ Engine and gearbox performance on steep gradients up to 26%

+ The suitability of various models on narrow rural roads

+ Driving aids such as descent control  



Alfa Romeo and Ford on Alpine Route
Cars driving through bend on Alpine Route


Mercedes-Benz A-Class test driving
Lexus RC 300h test driving


The High Speed Bowl

Audi A3 Sportback and Ford Fiesta driving on high speed bowl


Reach motorway speeds without leaving Millbrook.


Millbrook's five lane, two mile bowl gave you the opportunity to test the latest fleet models at motorway speeds without leaving the main exhibition area. See how everything from a small city car to a large SUV handles high-speed driving and evaluate the latest technologies on offer.


On the High-Speed Bowl, you could test:


+ The latest models from leading manufacturers at motorway speeds

+ Vehicle stability, comfort and road noise at high speeds

+ Lane-keep assist technology

+ Adaptive cruise control and other assists 



Jaguar I-Pace test driving
Renault Megane R.S. 280 test driving


Visitor test driving vehicle
BMW and Jaguar test driving


The Off-Road Course

Audi Q7 on off-road course


The ultimate rural test.

Company Car in Action featured the toughest of tests for 4WD vehicles - the Off-Road Course. Including challenging inclines and descents on terrain surfaces of dirt, gravel and mud, this circuit pushes off road vehicles to the limit to see what they're capable of. 


On the Off-Road Course, you could test:


+ 4WD capabilities on rugged and changing surfaces

+ Terrain response technology

+ Vehicle ruggedness and comfort on rough roads

+ Active suspension and other intelligent off road technologies


Off-Road Course Models (2019)



Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit

Jeep Renegade Trailhawk

Jeep Wrangler Overland

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Range Rover

Range Rover Velar