Wed 15 - Thu 16 June 2022
Millbrook Proving Ground

The Driving Experience

Company Car in Action offers an unrivalled real-world fleet testing experience.


Test drive the latest models and EV's, unaccompanied, in a real-world driving environment - featuring leading manufacturer brands and offering 4 unique testing circuits. 


Drive: 150+ of the latest PHEVs & BEVs unaccompanied, including some unveiled specially at CCIA



Explore: 4 unique circuits at Millbrook’s famous Proving Ground, made specifically for vehicle testing purposes




Evaluate: The latest electric/hybrid vehicles to expertly assess and compare the vehicles available to your fleet



Discuss: All your fleet management questions answered directly with manufacturers and your senior peers in an unrivalled networking environment




Fit weeks of testing comparing, correspondence and debate into 1 day and make informed choices for your fleet